How to Choose Lace Flower Girl Dresses


Lace, a decorative openwork web, was first developed in Europe during the sixteenth century. Two distinct types of lace making—needle lace and bobbin lace—began simultaneously. Needle lace is made with a single needle and thread, while bobbin lace entails the plaiting of many threads. Lace thread was typically made from linen, and later silk or metallic gold threads, followed by cotton in the nineteenth century. In 1809, Englishman John Heathcoat invented a machine that could make the most tedious element of lace, the mesh ground. By the mid-1800s, machine and handmade laces were often combined into such forms as bobbin appliqué on machine-made net, and a variety of patterned machine laces became available.

Pag Lace using pillow Hilary Johnstone  Bobbin Lace on Pillow -Hilary Johnstone  19th Century Straight Machine Mesh Lace

Nowadays, There are many types of lace, classified by how they are made. These include: Needle lace/ Cutwork/ Bobbin lace/ Tape lace/ Knotted lace/ Crocheted lace/ Knitted lace/ Machine-made lace/ Chemical lace.

From the ethereal lace ruffs--wafting up from the neck to frame the face in an ethereal aura and preserve modesty--of the Renaissance, worn by men and women, to the unblushingly voluptuous 1980s scarlet lace evening dress designed by Parisian couturier Thierry Mugler, lace, as Kraatz demonstrates, has lent distinctly different qualities to clothing over the centuries. And though the fragile, sensuous flutter of lace incorporated in a garment may first hold the eye of an observer, the meticulous patterns that shape it are of equal interest and vary widely. The advent of machine production in the 19th century made lace more affordable but did little to diminish its desirability, and today lace is once again very popular, used for both casual as well as elegant, special-occasion garments. Ever since then, we’ve been looking for new ways to wear lace, and 2022 is no different.

Medici collar, Source: Wikimedia  1980,Thierry Mugler, Source: Thierry Mugler  Allovin, Inspired by Lace Aesthetic Perception

In ALLOVIN, this 2022SS collection, we want to use the high quality, deliciously-soft lace for bodice and 100% cotton knit fabrics for lining, so our sweet angel will be just as comfortable as she is gorgeous throughout the special day! Both comfortable and beautiful , my little kids should be able to play and move around comfortably. The only thing better than the photos will be the happy smile on my angel’s face. And The lace dress suggests a mixture of sophistication and purity and even a simple version is versatile enough to be dressed up or down, adorable or cool, chic or casual.


This is how you choose and style it:

  • Pick classic shapes and patterns with fun details.

Less is more, simple dress but everlasting style with high-quality fabric (96%NYLON 4%SPANDEX and 100%COTTON). And stretchable/ elastic dresses which are easy for them to get on and off. Choose the clothing which has soft cotton lining for kids to wear comfortably. 

Of course we want the girls to look cute for these things, but we also want them to be comfortable.

  • Experiment with colors   

Over the years, I’ve discovered that I like that those colors tend to work well year-round and for many major holidays, so I choose the majority of their clothing in those colors so that things work well together and flatter the next little sister who gets the hand-me-downs, plus it’s easy to add a few things in other colors as those show up. Plus, when there are family photos, it’s pretty easy to coordinate everyone because the majority of their closets are in similar color schemes.

Lace bodice with cap sleeves add to the uniqueness of the gown. Ties in back with a silk sash.
Includes matching lace accessory so she has her complete look.
  • Lace-like embroidery
Super-soft, airy, highest-quality Lace-like embroidery fabrics will ensure your angel is comfortable throughout the ceremony, and free to move and play about as she pleases.You can style or accessorize your lovely girl wedding outfit with our gorgeous lace dress, which were created with dedication and attention to detail, to guarantee the most picture-perfect look for your little one.
  • Casual Style
To summer festivals in crop white lace tops, or lace skirts, to school party in lace dress, to events when lace anything can be paired with men inspired items: masks, sweatshirts, sneakers, gloves, statement jewelry and what not. Just open your mind!
  • Vary your options
Simple doesn’t have to mean basic though. 3-D butterfly decoration and lace-like embroidery, just to be a unique and creative lace baby/ lace girl! 

Boho Party Princess Flower Girl Dress and Vintage lace toddler dress

The featured photo is of Allovin laced dress collection, a perfect blend of traditional fashion and contemporary style, these lace dresses is a sweet and elegant design for your little ones special occasion whether its her first birthday outfit, flower girl lace dress, or her blessing dress.

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